Great Ayton Cemetery is situated on Guisborough Road. The main Cemetery gates are open in most cases Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 4.00pm. The side gates are open all day.

There is a Garden of Remembrance where village residents' cremated remains can be scattered and a plaque fixed to the wall. A Memory Wall was erected in 2010 for plaques commemorating residents who have left the village and are not eligible for burial in the cemetery or to have a plaque placed on the Garden of Remembrance Wall.

Village residents wishing to make arrangements for interment should contact the Cemetery Superintendent. In his absence please contact the Parish Clerk.

More detailed information can be found in the Cemetery Regulations and the Cemetery Fees.

Great Ayton Notice of Interment

For Funeral Directors please download and complete the Interment Form. The Interment Form must be returned 48 hours prior to the proposed burial.


Please note there are no public toilets available for use either at funerals or when visiting the cemetery.

Cemetery Superintendent: Mr L Marley - Tel: 07794 578741

Clerk to Great Ayton Parish Council: Mrs A Livingstone email

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