What we manage

Great Ayton Parish Council take care of many aspects of village life including open spaces, community buildings, allotments, cemetery and play park. Our aim is to make Great Ayton a wonderful place to live and an attractive tourist destination by constantly improving the facilities and services on offer.


The Great Ayton Cemetery Working Group take care of many aspects of how the cemetery is managed for the amenity of the Residents of Great Ayton.



The Allotments are situated at the junction of the A173 and the B1292 north of the village and are managed by the Allotments Working Group.


Play Park

The play park is located off Guisborough Road and behind Yatton House. The working group take care of all maintenance aspects of the play park to make sure it's safe and kept to a good standard.



Buildings managed by the Parish Council include the public toilets, the old tourist information centre and the Village Hall.


Open Spaces

The Open Spaces working group oversee the maintenance of specified grassed areas, items listed on council assets register and trees on council land.


Village Events

All Parish Councillors are involved in organising village events which happen throughout the year.

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Planning applications are received each month from Hambleton District Council. The working group give guidance to fellow councillors and observations are made and passed back to the Planning Department.


Whitbread Bridge

Whitbread Bridge falls within the open spaces of Great Ayton and is located opposite Suggitt's Ices. The working group take care of the appearance and maintenance of the bridge.