Open Spaces

The village in terms of local economy is very much cantered on visitor footfall. It is acknowledged that in order to maintain and encourage “footfall” the appearance of the village is an important element in achieving this objective. As such the open space has to be maintained with this in mind and also to the benefit of residents.

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Maintenance overseen by the Open Spaces Working can be broadly described as follows:

  • Grass cutting of the village greens, specific grassed areas, river bank side, Waterfall Park, cemetery, play area, Cook Cottage Garden and Riverside is undertaken by a local contractor. A portion of the cost is met by a grant from NYCC to meet the requirements for highway safety.
  • Maintenance of items listed within the Council asset register including seats, cemetery railings, Cook Cottage Garden, footpaths on council land, pinfold, metalled roads surrounding the High Green and carpark in front of the High Street shops, play equipment, Captain Cook statue and Victorian urinal is variously undertaken by council resource and outsourcing to specialist contractor as necessary.
  • Trees on Council land including High Green, Low Green, cemetery, Waterfall Park and the Riverside are maintained as instructed to a 
    specialist contractor.
  • Other items include garden area surrounding the village hall, village flag pole, tree guards, Whitbread bridge, waterfall terrace railings.

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Great Ayton Parish Council look after many aspects of the village infrastructure. Here you can find out more about what we manage and take care of in the village.

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At Great Ayton Parish Council we like to help support great community initiatives and welcome ideas from from local individuals and groups.

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